RESDO aims to:

  1. Enhancing living standards of the underserved and vulnerable groups of the society including women, children, elderly and people with disabilities.
  2. Working towards gender equity and equality and reducing gender disparities.
  3. Working towards eliminating the widespread illiteracy in the remote and undeserved communities.
  4. Contributing towards the improvement of equal access to and the quality of the education, health and water.

To successfully accomplish these objectives, RESDO will make use the following               Strategies. 

  • Establish good working relations with the government as well as with relevant bureaus, local beneficiary communities, other development partners and donors.
  • Borden and diversify funding for institutional sustainability.
  • Devise and implement a resource mobilization strategy.
  • Mainstream at both institutional and program level.
  • Organize and conduct tailor-made programs to respond to identified needs.
  • Conduct self-assessment to determine organizational capacity gaps.
  • Organize tailor-made programs to address the organizational gaps.