Relief and Sustainable Organization (RESDO) is non-governmental, non-political, non-profit and non-partisan, community centered Ethiopia national NGO operating in Somali Regional State of Ethiopia and is based in Jigjiga-its Head Quarter. It is established by a group that are diverse in profession and have an extensive experience in the context of grass root community engagement with the intention to contribute to the reduction of development disparities between the undeserved (pastoral communities, women and children particularly girls from remote and emerging districts) and the urban community or better served districts. RESDO’s founders realized that access differences of communities to services is ostracizing those remote, laying peripheries and participants in the livelihood.

Children of the undeserved communities-pastoralist appear to be paradox, from the point of view of official education they are lagging behind in terms of enrollment, attendance, performance, achievement and continuity to higher education. In gender balance, they usually score at the bottom of the ladder. Access to services and resources is a scuttlebutt for them and rarely entertain the access to services as they want, when and where they want. Deliberating to contribute to filling this gap, RESDO has been established.


RESDO is a new and emerging NGO established early 2017 but its approach is a characteristic of large and several years old organization.